Carrie Chapman Catt Award Tracking

2020-21 School Year

High Schools across Iowa have the opportunity to earn the Iowa Secretary of State's Carrie Chapman Catt Award for registering to vote at least 90 percent of their eligible students.


The deadline to submit Pledge Cards and Voter Registration Forms is Friday, April 16.  This week's tracking sheet will not be published due to the high volume of voter registrations we need to process. If you have any questions about the number of students registered in your high school, please email [email protected].


*Eligible students refers to all seniors at your high school who are eligible to register to vote. The only seniors who would be considered not eligible are those who aren’t US citizens (not eligible to vote), or those who are under the age of 17.

*The 90% benchmark is established by the senior class size as indicated in the sign-up form.